Toners: Underrated, Under Used But Extremely Essential

Toners: Underrated, Under Used But Extremely Essential

The most underrated skincare product, which is often neglected by a majority of people in their skincare routine is – you guessed it right – toner. Women all over the world want a smooth, soft, hydrated, and glowing skin, and in order to achieve this “perfection”, they apply layers and layers of skincare products, but usually skip toners. This can turn out to be a huge mistake, since toner is an extremely beneficial skincare product, not only in itself but also for increasing the effects of the other products which you use in your skincare routine. This undervalued product can eventually become your skin’s best friend if you understand its importance and experience its benefits.

When to use toner in your skincare routine?

One of the reasons that you turn a blind eye to applying toners is not knowing where you should fit them in your skincare routine. Think of how you start your typical skincare routine every morning; you look at your beautiful face in the mirror and start off by cleansing it. Then you move on to applying serums and moisturizers. Did you notice a discrepancy in this order, or do you feel that something is missing? When we cleanse our face by applying face wash on it and rinsing it off, the face wash cleanses only the surface of your face and results in dryness. Directly applying serums after cleansing your face can lead to dry, flaky skin, and not doing a deep-cleaning of your pores can result in dullness. It is after you cleanse your skin and before you apply any other skincare product that you use toners. They hydrate your skin and remove all the deep-rooted impurities from your pores after cleansing, and all the products that are applied after using toner are absorbed better. But hey, don’t think of toners as an extension of your cleansing; they are more beneficial than you can imagine.

They “tone” your face

Ever wondered why toners are called toners? Well, it’s no mystery – they literally “tone” your skin. Toners help in shrinking the pores on your skin. The shrinkage of pores leads to your skin feeling and appearing tighter, thus making it look toned. Using the Ageless Face Toner on your skin every day reduces the aging of your skin since it becomes tighter. Its chemical-free nature naturally hydrates the skin and reduces wrinkles.

Helps in preventing acne

When you apply toner on your face, it penetrates deep inside your pores and cleanses out any dirt, impurities, or bacteria that haven’t been cleaned out. As a result of deep-cleansing and shrinkage of pores, there is no space for any new bacteria to enter. Tighter pores keep acne away because large, open pores become breeding grounds for bacteria and infections, which leads to the development of pimples, inflammation, and acne.

Toners balance out the pH level of your skin

Simply put, pH level is the acid:alkaline ratio in your skin. Toners help in balancing out this ratio. An imbalanced ratio is extremely harmful; an excessively alkaline skin results in dryness and an excessively acidic skin is a doorway to inviting acne and inflammation. Using toner after washing your face becomes important since soaps and face washes can dry out your skin because they are high in pH levels.

Increases the effectiveness of your skincare routine

The rule is simple – after cleansing, the high ph levels of the face wash make your skin dry and drink up all the moisture off your face. When your skin is dry, and you apply skincare products to it, then most of the products will slip off and be wasted rather than being absorbed. However, after using toner, your skin becomes hydrated and moisturized, and it absorbs every skincare product that you use in your routine with higher intensity, thereby increasing the effectiveness of your skincare routine.

Soothes and refreshes your skin

How many times have you woken up feeling dizzy and low, with your face puffed up? How many times have you come back home after a long day, feeling that your skin is looking dull due to the sunlight, pollution, dust, and sweat which it was exposed to throughout the day? The solution to these problems lies in using toner in your morning as well as your nighttime skincare routine. Think of it as a refreshing face mist. As it hydrates and tightens your skin, you feel coolness over and within the surface, eventually feeling a lot calmer and refreshed. Your face starts glowing instead of looking dull and your skin feels soothed. Toner also strips your face of dead cells, which gives your skin a smooth finish. Feeling bad for neglecting toners in your skincare routine yet? Or astounded at the benefits it brings? Instead of wondering why toners are underrated, go and buy yourself a toner!

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