The Powerful Trio - Turmeric Oil, Saffron Oil And Orange Oil - To Revive, Restore And Keep Your Skin Young Forever.

The Powerful Trio - Turmeric Oil, Saffron Oil And Orange Oil - To Revive, Restore And Keep Your Skin Young Forever.

There are various types of cold pressed oils extracted from different seeds, nuts, and fruits. Each type of oil has its own set of benefits for the skin and our body, however, in this blog, we shall be discussing the benefits of three types of cold pressed oils in particular- Turmeric Oil, Saffron Oil, and Orange oil, especially for our skin. Cold pressed oils are made using an extraction process which is completely natural and does not involve extra heat or any chemicals, unlike hot pressed, thus making the oils much healthier, nutrient-rich, and filled with anti-oxidants. Best Oil for Hair Growth

Turmeric is known to be a healer and a substance that is great for our skin and our health. In the Indian context, it is consumed in the form of a beverage or mixed with food, applied on the skin, or even applied on wounds and injuries due to its anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic qualities. Therefore, it is needless to say that turmeric oil will have a ton of benefits for our skin. It is important to note that turmeric oil should be used only when it is mixed with other cold pressed oils. Let’s explore its benefits!

  1. Prevents breakouts

Due to its anti-fungal and anti-septic qualities, turmeric oil is great for dry acne as it helps to dry out pimples and prevent any further breakouts, keeping the skin acne-free.

  1. To Fade Blemishes and Marks

Turmeric is often used in anti-marks and anti-spots creams. When used persistently, turmeric oil can fade away marks giving you blemish-free skin.

  1. Treating cracked heals

As an excellent healing agent, turmeric oil is great for cracked heals and helps to soften them to prevent further cracking.

  1. Rejuvenates your skin!

In the polluted environment that we live in today, our skin may lack the glow it potentially has. Therefore, turmeric oil can help to bring that glow back and help your skin bloom.

  1. Eliminating signs of ageing

Rich in antioxidants, turmeric oil can help diminish fine lines and wrinkles from your skin.

  1. Relieving inflammation

Curcumin found in turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory compound and so turmeric oil can give immediate relief from inflammation.

Turmeric is one of the best substances passed on from generation to generation, and as we see above, its benefits for our skin are particularly amazing!

Let’s get talking about Saffron Oil.

Saffron is a very rare ayurvedic spice, which is precisely what makes it so costly. It is also an ingredient that has been used in various forms for generations. Saffron has tremendous benefits for our skin and health, so let’s look at them.

  1. Saffron oil is a powerful anti-oxidant

Full of anti-oxidants, saffron oil contains vitamin C and has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Brings a glow to our skin!

As an antioxidant, saffron brightens the skin without any harsh side effects.

  1. Helps the skin recover from environmental damage

Pollution is detrimental to the health of our skin. Saffron is rich in minerals and contains two types of powerful carotenoids: crocin and crocetin. They help in skin repair and ensure overall cellular development, which helps the skin recover from environmental damage. Toxin Free Face Oil Online

  1. Reduces hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin issue that many people experience. Saffron oil not only brightens the skin tone but also reduces hyper-pigmentation considerably owing to its high vitamin content.

  1. Contains several anti-ageing properties

One of the main anti-ageing properties in saffron is a carotenoid called crocin, which is helpful against ageing, thanks to its rich anti-oxidant properties.

Last but not least is our Orange oil, that completes the trio which helps to revive, restore and keep your skin young forever!

Orange oil is one of the most readily available cold pressed oils in the world due to orange being the most produced citrus fruit on the planet. However, people are still being made aware of the amazing properties that orange oil boasts. Let’s look at what they are.

  1. Antifungal in nature

Orange oils have anti-fungal properties that can prevent commonly occurring diseases such as athletes' foot and yeast infections.

  1. Anti-inflammatory properties

Just like saffron oil and turmeric oil, orange oil has anti-inflammatory properties and helps improve skin tone and texture.

  1. Antibacterial too!

Due to high levels of d-limonene, orange oil is an antibacterial agent and is known to be one of the most powerful natural anti-bacterial agents on the planet.

  1. Improves sleep

Having been used in sleep studies, orange oils have been known to enhance the subject’s sleep time and quality.

In conclusion, the three cold pressed oils- turmeric, saffron, and orange lead to a blemish-free, pigment-free, acne-free and youthful skin than ever. With the environmental damage that our skin has to bear on the daily, it is only wise to use a combination of these amazingly beneficial natural oils.

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