The Longterm Approach Is Focus On Skincare As Opposed To Cosmetics

The Longterm Approach Is Focus On Skincare As Opposed To Cosmetics

Presentation has become an almost essential part of our day to day lives whether it is for cracking business deals, putting ourselves out on social media or just going for a night out with a group of old school friends. Sometimes the way we present ourselves can determine the success we achieve under different scenarios in our life. However, the means we choose to better our presentation can affect our health in the long-term.

Primarily, there are two main ways of enhancing the way we look and in turn feel- Skincare and Cosmetics. While the latter focuses on enhancing appearance by external application of a multitude of products, the former focuses on bettering skin health internally to enhance outer appearance. Cosmetics, for decades and centuries, have been extensively used to hide blemishes, dark spots and signs of ageing amongst others. However, skincare enables us to minimize or eliminate the same through a more natural and healthier process.

Over the past decade, there has been a considerable switch in the preferences of consumers from being make-up reliant to becoming patrons of skincare routines and natural means of enhancing one’s appearance. As per the annual report of 2018 released by Loreal, one of the leading cosmetic and skincare companies in the world, skincare accounted for 39% of the whole beauty market while cosmetics stood at a mere 19%. The report also mentions how skincare has considerably grown in Asia, since the awareness in the continent pertaining to skincare exceeds that of other regions across the world.

Apart from the fact that natural beauty is what most people are aspiring for and fairly so, there is also the growing concern about the harmful effects of applying make-up or cosmetics on the skin. Several observatory and dermatological studies have shown that applying cosmetics, especially on a regular basis and for prolonged periods, can adversely impact skin health in the long run.

The use of make-up is responsible for clogged pores, frequent breakouts or acne, dull or dead skin and even early signs of ageing. Isn’t it ironic? We apply make-up to look youthful but instead end up becoming prone to more excessive signs of ageing than if we just took adequate care of the skin which we were gifted. As the layers of foundation, blush, concealer and others burden our skin, they clog the pores and prevent ventilation- a process which is a must for the skin to breathe and heal itself. Clogged pores lead to excessive breakouts and acne along with pimples and rough skin.

Additionally, the tools used to apply makeup are a breeding ground for bacteria which, when touched on the skin, may cause difficult-to-get-rid-of bacterial infections that require extensive treatment from a dermatologist.

On the contrary, skincare is your remedy to beautiful skin and moreover, a happier YOU. Yes, skincare, as its name suggests, involves caring for your skin so that your skin looks its best in terms of health, texture and youthfulness. By embracing our natural beauty and enhancing it, we can truly look our best selves when we dive into a business meeting or a family sangeet ceremony. At Kzen, we recommend the use of natural and chemical-free skincare products as much as possible that provide your skin with the nutrients and nourishment it requires.

As we conclude, it is best to explain the difference between the two with the help of this popular phrase - Prevention is better than cure. Haven’t we all heard it? Well, if makeup and skincare had to be categorized within it, makeup would be reflected by “cure” while skincare would be “prevention” since it prevents your skin from deteriorating to a state where you require makeup to mask the flaws, that could have been easily avoided. Having said that, skincare could act as your cure as well since even if you are suffering from skin problems such as acne, signs of ageing and others, adequate and effective skincare can help you reverse them with ease and consistency.

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