Rosemary Essential Oil- A Powerful Hair Growth Stimulator

Rosemary Essential Oil- A Powerful Hair Growth Stimulator

Rosemary is a fantastic herb that acts as a seasoning for delicacies and is famous for its aromatherapy benefits. But recent studies have shown that it is much more versatile than that. Owing to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, rosemary essential oil acts as an excellent hair growth stimulator, one that needs to be in your hair care ritual now.

But what on earth is Rosemary Oil?

Let's get into it !

Rosemary is one of the many aromatic herbs, including lavender, sage and basil. It has an earthy herbaceous aroma and is often used in skincare and perfumes. But is it helpful in stimulating hair growth? Before dermatologists could confidently comment on the many benefits of rosemary oil, it was already in use for centuries. But it is now that we finally understand what makes this oil an absolute winner. Studies show that the carnosic acid in the rosemary plant can heal nerve damage and tissue damage and boost the formation of brand-new cells. Simply put, rosemary oil enhances blood circulation. 

Why is blood circulation such a big deal? Because the blood contains the food for your follicles. Better blood circulation ensures the delivery of nutrients that your hair follicles need to grow hair. 

Studies also show that applying rosemary hair oil produces a less itchy scalp. This is true as the oil has antimicrobial properties. This also decreases flakiness and helps with dandruff on the scalp. The rosemary essential oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. A distressed scalp can highly benefit from the soothing properties of this oil. 

But the many benefits of Rosemary Oil don’t stop there. Rosemary Oil also helps slow down the greying hair, reduces hair breakage and even helps prevent split ends. So, rosemary oil not only helps in growing new hair but also helps in treating hair loss too. Rosemary oil does all this because it can improve blood circulation to the scalp and encourage new cells. In addition, its anti-inflammatory properties create a healthier environment for your hair follicles to thrive, significantly lowering the chances of developing alopecia and other hair-loss conditions. This is why rosemary oil gets ahead of other essential oils by getting to the root of the problem, quite literally. 

Is Rosemary Oil for you?

Rosemary Oil can be safely used on all hair types as it targets the hair follicle and not just the strands. You can even use it on coloured hair since rosemary oil should typically be applied directly to the scalp. However, doing a patch test first would be a smart decision if you have sensitive skin. Just apply the oil to a small scalp area and ensure it doesn't drip into your eyes.

How should you use Rosemary Oil?

Ideally, it should be used with carrier oil. Using five drops at a time with coconut or jojoba oil would be sufficient. Make sure you apply it twice a week to see positive results soon. It can also be applied on the hair while you’re shampooing and conditioning. Just add a few drops in the product and rinse your hair thoroughly to get the product out properly.

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