Rose As An Eternal Skincare Ingredient

Rose As An Eternal Skincare Ingredient

Rose has been used as a skincare ingredient since times immemorial. The beautiful looking flower with its mesmerizing fragrance can prove to be extremely beneficial when applied on your skin in different ways. Whether used naturally or as an ingredient in a skincare product, rose is going to make you glow from outside and within.

The Eternal Legacy of Rose-Based Skincare

Rose as a beauty ingredient has been a woman’s best friend since historical ages. In early Egyptian, Roman and Greek societies, as well as ancient India, it was common to see women, especially the royalty, take “rose baths”. These ranged from therapeutic royal baths consisting of a bathtub filled with rose milk and rose petals to less extravagant baths in rose water. We all adore roses and know that they are a symbol of love and passion. The red colour and twisted petals can make anyone who looks at it fall in love. In the earlier times when there were no chemical based skincare products and nature was the only way to pamper yourself, people relied on these rose baths for several reasons. Rose petals, rose water, rose oil and rose milk all have one thing in common: the fragrance. Rose was used to perfume the baths for relaxation. Rose is a natural skin toner and softener. Getting out of the bath, women ended up with soft, smooth and toned skin.

It is an interesting fact that even in the age of commercial skincare products, people all over the world have still continued the legacy of using roses in their raw form as a beauty ingredient. Many beauty salons have facials with products that have rose in them, to moisturise the skin and make it look tighter, fresher and younger. Women across the world prefer face masks with some form of rose in it. Rose baths are still taken by women for a relaxing bath experience.

Benefits of Rose

The scent of rose is scientifically proven to calm your nerves. Whether you smell the flower or any skincare product consisting of it, the perfume of rose is known to have a therapeutic effect on your mental and emotional state. This is another reason why applying products consisting of rose leaves you feeling calm and fresh. Rose extract is used as an antidepressant in many products due to its therapeutic properties. Rose has anti aging properties. It reduces wrinkles and tightens the skin. Rose-based skincare products such as Kzen Skincare’s Ageless Face Toner hydrate and nourish the skin and give it a youthful glow. Rose water and rose oil are highly recommended to look fresh on those mornings when your sleep-deprived face is craving for some hydration. The coolness in it leaves you feeling soothed. The lifting floral fragrance is guaranteed to keep you in a good mood.

Rose as an ingredient in Face Toner

A Toner works to close gaps in the skin cells which reduces the chances of impurities sticking to the skin. Toner has the consistency of water and it is meant to nourish the skin after cleansing. Rose Hydrosol is steam distilled water of fresh rose petals. Rose Hydrosol is much more concentrated than rose water, and is being widely used in rose-based skincare products. A toner with rose hydrosol can be your go-to face toner. It helps to tone and reduces the appearance of pores. You are guaranteed to feel refreshed instantly if you apply this on your face because of its hydrating nature. It can be used as a substitute for face mist. In case you suffer from redness or itching on your skin or have any razor burns, a rose based toner acts as an astringent due to its antibacterial and cooling properties. Just pour a few drops on a cotton ball or take a small spray bottle filled with it and apply/spray it in the affected area to get instant relief from your irritation.

Rose as a skincare ingredient is bound to benefit not just your skin but your overall well being.

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