Possible Harmful Side Effects Of Salon Hair Treatments

Possible Harmful Side Effects Of Salon Hair Treatments

It is the New Year, a new beginning which calls for a new us - at least in terms of how and where we choose to get our hair done ! It is not uncommon for people to choose salons as their primary place for hair treatment whether it be hair straightening, keratin treatments, hair smoothening and a lot more. However, the question that arises is, how safe are salon-based hair treatments in the long run ?

With the extravagant advertising and constant social pressure of looking a certain way, many of us choose to get our hair treated from salons than at home, which is, in many ways, harmful for our hair and skin on the scalp. Let’s look at some of the possible harmful effects of salon hair treatments in this blog that will help you make a more aware and informed decision -

  1. Salon Hair Treatments could be Rough And Damaging

Whether it is Keratin Smoothening or Brazilian Blowouts, hair smoothening treatments at salons work by breaking bonds in your hair and sticking them back in a new fashion that would straighten your hair. Since the process is so rough and harsh, it could lead to various secondary issues such as hair fall, dizziness etc.

  1. Excessive And Unnatural Hair fall

Yes, hair fall, or rather excessive hair fall, could be another after-effect of salon hair treatment owing to the damaging manner in which hair is treated using chemicals and heat. It is one of the most common consequences of hair treatments, such as smoothening or keratin, and can be chronic or forever. Additionally, such treatments may also be a cause for thinning hair and weak hair follicles.

  1. Watery Eyes, Nausea and Skin Rashes

The harsh chemicals and excessive heat could become a cause for nausea, watery eyes and skin rashes leading to unnecessary suffering and irritation. As the chemicals are not supposed to come in contact with any other part of the body except your hair, even a slight touch on the scalp, face or any other exposed part might lead to blisters and rashes.

  1. Destroyed Natural Hair Texture

The harsh chemicals, when overdone, could lead to losing the natural texture and feel of your hair making them feel almost as if you are wearing artificial hair. The high amount of heat could destroy the bonds that hold your hair strands causing split ends and low hair volume.

  1. Extreme Dryness

Dryness could be a major cause of concern with salon-based hair treatments since everything used in the salon (heat, chemicals) is in excess. For example, keratin-based hair treatments may smoothen your hair in the first few months, however, they may lead to dryness post a few months. Another reason for the dryness is related to your scalp. Since the chemicals may seep down to your scalp, they may make it extremely itchy, dry and flaky.

Therefore, salon-based hair treatments may be a “quick-fix” to your once-a-year party-look, however, in the long run, they are detrimental to the natural health, feel and aesthetics of your scalp and hair. Natural hair care treatments, on the other hand, such as hot-oil massages and natural hair packs go a long way in protecting and nourishing hair from within.

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