Natural Soaps Bars Benefits

Natural Soaps Bars Benefits

Natural soap bars are usually made with essential oils instead of the commonly used fragrance oils. Unlike regular cleansing bars, natural soap bars do not contain any chemicals, making them ideal for our skin and our mood! They are made with plant-based materials- all natural, that retain the smell of nature.

In comparison to the regular cleansing agents we purchase today, natural soap bars have tonnes of benefits and are not at all harsh on the skin. It is essential to look at some of the benefits that these natural soap bars hold with themselves. Let’s have a look!

Natural Soap Bars are actual soap! While we move down the aisles of a departmental store, we see these attractively packaged and beautiful looking cleansing agents labelled as body bars, body washes, cleansing bars etc, however, they are nothing more than a milder version of a detergent. Toxic and harmful for our skin and body, these cleansing agents can make our skin rough, dull and aged over time. On the contrary, natural soap bars do not contain a concoction or even a single chemical that can damage your skin. They help to bring a glow on your skin, while also ensuring it remains soft and smooth.

As they say “a product is only as good as its ingredients”, and that saying applies to natural soap bars too! Now, what do natural soap bars NOT contain? They DO NOT contain-

  1. Synthetic ingredients 2. Artificial fragrances or perfumes 3. Artificial colours 4. Detergents 5. Synthetic preservatives

Made with a mixture of healthy and natural cold pressed oils, these soap bars provide gentle exfoliation and nurturing to the skin, Cruelty free Soap online shopping.

Natural soap bars are also highly moisturizing as they are made with rich plant-based oils and butters. This also helps to improve skin conditions such as eczema. Additionally, natural soaps are super-fatted, which is the process of adding extra plant-based fats and butters to the soap, that increases their moisturizing capabilities.

The most important aspect of using natural soap bars is its ability to benefit not the just the exterior but also the interior of our bodies. Our skin being the largest organ of the body is highly porous and permeable, hence, it is imperative that what we apply on the outside is also good for our inside. Cleansing agents cause harsh and toxic chemicals to permeate through our skin and cause internal damage. On the other hand, natural soap bars, being completely skin-friendly, only contain ingredients which not only are non-hazardous but also beneficial for both the exterior and interior.

Additionally, we get to hear the argument for sensitive skin time and again, isn’t it? However, most people who claim to have sensitive skin is only because of the irritants in the harsh cleansing agents on supermarket shelves, that cause redness, itching and burning sensations. Using naturally produced soaps are much soothing for all skin types, including sensitive skins.

Don’t we all love the foam that is created with our regular cleansing agents? Well, it might look attractive to the eye but is nothing but a mixture of surfactants- synthetic foam boosters, lathering agents and detergents. The reason these are used are purely because of a misconception that an effective cleanser or soap needs to produce a large amount of bubbles and lather. However, that is completely untrue and does not determine the quality of the cleanser. Natural soap bars not only create lather but that lather is created from their natural surfactant qualities rather than those induced by toxic chemicals.

If you are looking for a cleanser which is not harsh or toxic for your skin, rather provides a soothing feeling and helps to restore the beauty and health of your skin, it is imperative to not fall in the traps of cleansing agents, instead opt for natural soap bars.

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