How To Prevent / Take Care Of Wrinkles

How To Prevent / Take Care Of Wrinkles

Ageing is a natural process and shouldn’t be shied away from. Since many years, ageing has been looked at as an undesirable and unpleasant phenomenon, however, with more awareness and acceptance of our own selves, we are moving towards a more inclusive society where ageing is now being accepted as a natural phenomenon. However, while ageing is natural, it is not necessary for it to look mismanaged or unappealing. With adequate care of our skin and health, we can surely manage and many a times, even reverse signs of early ageing beautifully with some expertise and consistency.

One of the most common signs of ageing are wrinkles. Wrinkles begin to appear when the skin starts to lose its elasticity due to the slowing down of collagen production. Though wrinkles are very natural and their intensity depends from one skin type to another, they do not need to look unattractive. It is usually observed that those with a dryer skin, experience wrinkles earlier in life while those with an oily skin experience them later. However, regardless of your skin type, there are numerous ways by which you can prevent wrinkles from appearing early and manage them as you age gracefully.

Apart from intrinsic ageing, which refers to how your genetics play a role in your ageing process, you have full control over it. Let’s look at a few ways that you can prevent the occurrence of wrinkles for as long as is possible.

  1. Sunlight Exposure Is A BIG No No

Sunlight can have an adverse effect on your skin’s ageing process since exposure to sunlight can lead to premature ageing, which includes early occurrence of wrinkles. However, using sunscreen on a regular basis can significantly slow down any signs of ageing.

Sunscreen, unlike its name suggests, is important even when you’re not under direct sunlight. It is an effective idea to apply a sunscreen, made for Indian skin (or one made for your skin type), for the entire duration of the day whether you are indoors or outdoors.

Additionally, if you happen to step out on a beach or on a sunny day, remember to keep your face covered with a brim hat and UV protected sunglasses.

2. Retinoid Application Is Helpful

When we say anti-ageing, the first ingredients that come to our mind are retinoids. Retinoids, derived from Vitamin A, are helpful in increasing collagen production in the skin, which means the skin regains its elasticity and delays the appearance of wrinkles.

Moreover, by promoting regeneration of skin, retinoids also better skin health and texture since they improve the blood flow in the blood vessels close to the surface of the skin.

Remember to consult your dermatologist and understand your tolerance towards the type of retinoid you plan to use.

3. Keep Yourself And Your Skin Hydrated

We can’t stress enough on this! Hydration is key to delaying signs of ageing whether it is by drinking enough water or applying a suitable moisturizer that can penetrate your skin and provide it all the moisture it requires.

The two most effective hydration agents, that also prevent the occurrence of premature wrinkles, are Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C. Therefore, it is important to select products that are infused with these ingredients

4. Consume Plant-Based Food

Dietary habits play a huge role in how your body, especially your skin, reacts. It is highly recommended to consume a plant-based diet which means to cut out animal products such as meat and dairy from your diet. Plant-based diets are rich in Vitamin C, Anti-oxidants and Lysine which helps to boost collagen production at the cellular level. As collagen production increases, it promotes skin elasticity and delays wrinkles!

5. Get Adequate Sleep

In today’s times, we barely get enough sleep to function the next day and keep continuing the same until we are exhausted. However, it is as unhealthy as it sounds, even when it comes to your skin. Haven’t we heard the concept of “beauty sleep”? Well, it is actually true and essential for flawless skin.

By sleeping enough (based on our age), we can give our skin the break it requires and allow it to ventilate and purify itself, which makes the skin less prone to early signs of ageing.

Pro tip- Sleeping on your back is recommended as the best sleeping position to prevent wrinkles since it eliminates chances of mechanical compression on your face. However, at least get those sufficient hours of sleep, if this feels like a stretch!

6. Throw Those Cigarettes In The Bin

Smoking is as injurious to our skin as it is to our internal organs. And why not? Skin is also one of the body’s organs, in fact the largest one. Tobacco smoke destroys the collagen and elastin in the skin, which reduces your skin’s elasticity, while nicotine constricts blood vessels close to the surface of the skin, that in turn reduces blood flow and deprives your facial skin of enough oxygen. In other words, cigarettes basically strangle your skin.

By keeping these tips in mind as we age elegantly, we can ensure that our skin is as youthful as it can get and does not experience early signs of ageing including unwanted and unnecessary wrinkles. We do not have to be afraid of or resent ageing since it is natural and beautiful, however, we can look ‘our’ best by adopting healthy practices that make our skin age slowly and gracefully.

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