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Foot Fresh Scrub (Mint & Walnut) And Honey Shea Butter Soap

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Foot Fresh Scrub (Mint & Walnut)

Get soft and smooth feet with this Fresh Foot Scrub made up of natural scrubs, clays and oils. The foot scrub exfoliates dead cells, and rejuvenates rough and damaged foot tissues, leaving you with clean, soft and toned feet.

Fine walnut powder helps clear away dead tissues gently and tones the foot skin.

Mint oil helps feet feel refreshed and revitalised and provides a cooling sensation. It cleanses the foot skin and has antiseptic and antibacterial properties to keep the foot skin clean and prevent any bacterial formation. Mint oil also prevents itchy foot skin.

Kaolin and Fuller’s earth detox the foot skin thoroughly and gently soothe.

Aloe gel heals and nourishes the foot.

Glycerine provides the required hydration to the skin whilst cleansing.

Sunflower oil is rich in vitamin E and unclogs the pores. It is a natural botanical and is very gentle for sensitive and mature skin.

Almond oil has powerful anti fungal properties. It also softens the feet, improves complexion and skin tone of the foot skin.

Size : 50 gms

Skin Type : All Skin types

Directions to Use :

Take a generous amount of scrub and gently massage on wet feet and ankles for 4-5 minutes. Concentrate on heels and soles. Rinse well with water. Repeat every week for clean and smooth feet.

Honey & Shea Butter Soap (AHA rich)

This unique natural composition of goat milk, herbs, pure oils and rich butters is good for normal to dry skin. The soap is completely chemical free and preservative free and has no artificial fragrance.

Goat milk is a gentle cleanser, rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and keeps the skin nourished and hydrated. The creaminess in the milk makes it ultra mild for the skin.

The pure oils and butters are of edible quality and cold pressed, rich in Oleic acid necessary to hydrate normal to dry skin. They provide the skin with raw and rich natural nutrients.

Honey and Shea butter are nature’s most revered skin remedies. They keep the skin moist and deeply nourish it.

Cocoa butter is rich in fatty acids good for the skin. Sweet Orange and Pumpkin are rich in Vitamin C.

Size : 100 gms bar

Skin Type : Normal to Dry Skin

Directions to Use :

Apply soap on wet face and body during shower. Massage on skin and rinse off with water.

Product Care :

Keep soap in a well drained soap tray to last long. Never let the soap sit in a pool of water. This soap does not contain any hardening agent to save it from dissolving while in water.

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