Why We Focus On Products Which Have Natural Cold Pressed Oils As Ingredients (Benefits Of Cold Pressed Natural Oils For Skin)?

Why We Focus On Products Which Have Natural Cold Pressed Oils As Ingredients (Benefits Of Cold Pressed Natural Oils For Skin)?

In the recent years, we have seen various different health and skin trends appear and disappear from the market, however, cold pressed oils are here to stay! Through this blog, we will be discussing about the various benefits that cold pressed oils have for our skin, in comparison to hot pressed oils. However, before we dig deep into understanding its benefits, let’s understand what cold pressed essentially means.

Cold pressed, unlike hot pressed oils, are obtained in their most natural form by crushing oil seeds at room temperature, around 27 degrees centigrade. The reason that they are termed to be the healthiest variety of oil available to us today, is because they do not require any additional heat or chemicals. Additionally, as the acid value of cold pressed oils is relatively low, they are obtained after precipitation and filtration. On the contrary, hot pressed oils involve extraction at high temperatures; moreover, they have a high acid value, that leads to them being refined in order to be fit for use or consumption. natural skin care products online

Now, that we understand the process of extracting cold pressed oils, let’s look at how they are beneficial for our skin, in particular.

  1. Cold pressed oils have more nutrients!

Yes, you heard that right! As the process of extraction of cold pressed oils is natural, does not require any extra heat and involves no refining, the oils retain their natural anti-oxidants, nutrients, texture and flavour. Most cold pressed oils are rich in vitamin E, that has anti-inflammatory and oleic acid, which boosts your immunity.

  1. They are a good source of moisturizer!

Cold pressed oils naturally contain Omega3 Fatty Acids, that provide as a great source of moisturizer for the skin. Using cold pressed oils has been known to improve the texture of the skin, and tones and firms it, making it healthier and more radiant than ever before.

  1. Filled with healing and anti-inflammatory properties

Our skin requires healing from time to time, and it is normal to develop signs of inflammation on different parts of the body. However, with the help of cold pressed oils, our skin is assured to heal better and faster, and its anti-inflammatory properties help with reducing inflammation on our skin.

  1. Organic Cold Pressed oils are free from pesticides, bleaching agents and preservatives.

Extracted and processed without the use of unnatural chemicals, cold pressed oils do not contain harmful and toxic substances such as pesticides, bleaching agents and preservatives that can damage our skin permanently. They may be absorbed by our skin causing internal damage as well, reducing our quality of life. Therefore, cold pressed oils provide for a much safer alternative that is good for our skin and our body.

  1. Better for the environment and reduces your carbon footprint

In today’s day and age, it is extremely important to ensure that our products are not only great for ourselves but also for the animals and the environment. Cold pressed oils have a considerably lower carbon footprint than hot pressed oils due to the difference in their extraction process. While hot pressed oils require huge amounts of heat (almost 200 degrees centigrade), which causes excessive carbon emissions, cold pressed oils are extracted at regular temperatures making them environmentally friendly too! Natural beauty products online

At K-Zen, we believe in providing only the best of products to our customers, that are consciously produced, ethically sourced and give the maximum benefit possible. The use of cold pressed oils in our products aims to allow our customers to live a healthy, radiant and toxin free life.

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