Going Back To Nature For Skin-care

Going Back To Nature For Skin-care

Don’t we often hear about the benefits that natural ‘nuskas’ have for our skin? From our grandparents, we are often made aware about so many natural techniques that can improve our skin using simple and clean ingredients. However, in today’s day and time, we are often caught in the cycle of using chemical-filled and harsh products that we encounter on the shelves of supermarkets and departmental stores. One of the reasons for that is convenience, as we don’t have time to really sit and make our own skincare products daily, at home. Thus, what if we told you that you could head back to nature and get completely natural and non-toxic skin care products without compromising on your convenience?

Let’s first understand why we should head back to nature instead of relying on toxic and harsh chemical filled products to keep our skin glowing and healthy.

Safer for our skin, healthier for our body

Our skin is the largest organ of the human body and not only is it important to keep its exterior clean, but the permeability of our skin makes it important to ensure that whatever we put on it, is also healthy for our interior. In simple terms, what we put on the outside easily permeates through our skin and can affect our internal body parts by entering our bloodstream. Natural skin-care products, that are devoid of chemicals and toxins, are gentle on our skin from the outside and do not damage the inside. They ensure our safety and infuse our body with essential nutrients which our body is able to absorb.

Cruelty-free and Animal-friendly

Most companies that produce synthetic skin-care products test their products on animals or contain animal derived ingredients, which leads to extensive animal suffering and abuse. More than 100 million monkeys, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs and other animals are put in cages and tested upon on a yearly basis. When use natural and plant-based skin-care products, which are not tested on animals, they tend to be ethical and do not harm any sentient being on our planet. As we move towards a more humane and ethical society, our daily skin-care choices play a huge role in determining the fate of millions of animals across the world.

Environmentally Friendly

We have all heard about the top causes of environmental degradation- namely animal agriculture, fossil fuels and the transportation industry. However, it might come as a surprise that synthetic skin-care products have a huge carbon and environmental footprint, that can be substantially avoided. By using skincare products made from natural ingredients, we prevent our rivers, lakes, ponds, forests and many other elements of our planet from being polluted with micro-plastics and toxic chemicals, that ravage eco-systems. If our day to day choices can prevent eco-systems from collapsing, then why not make the right choices?

Pack your body with essential and beneficial nutrients

Most synthetic skincare products that we pick of supermarket and departmental store shelves contain ingredients that we can barely pronounce. Now, that would not have been the problem, if those ingredients were beneficial for us, however, let alone beneficial, they are inherently toxic and harmful to our body.

Natural skin-care products have ingredients that we can clearly identify, which is important so that we know what is going on top of our skin and under our skin. The natural ingredients contain vitamins and compounds such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Resveratrol, Alpha-hydroxy acid, and more, that help the human body to function at its optimum capacity.

Rashes, burns and sensitive skin anyone?

We often hear people say that their skin is sensitive and only a certain category of products suits their skin. However, that is not completely true! Our skin reacts to chemicals in synthetic skin care products because they act as irritants to the skin causing burning sensations, rashes and other “sensitive skin” issues. However, those can be completely avoided!

Using natural skincare products causes none of those “sensitive skin” issues that one wants to avoid, making these products much easier on our skin whether we have sensitive skin or not.

As we move towards living a healthier life- physically and mentally, it is also important to note that our skincare impacts our daily activities immensely. Not only does it make us look good but more importantly- it should make us feel good and energized. In order to achieve that, natural skin-care is the way to go!

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